Brook candy


It’s been a while since my last post because I was busy with exams but I can finally say I’m on summer break (:

This collection is kinda beach-themed since I’m going to Miami in less than two months! To be honest, these retro kind of sunglasses aren’t really my thing so I’d rather stick with my Ray Ban clubround glasses…But I added this one for the sake of the outfit.

By the way, is it just me or does anyone else feel uncomfy wearing fragrances from brands like Hugo Boss, Armani or Lacoste? Because they’re actually focused on fragrances for men and it feels so wrong, even though it’s for her.

Brook candy


Crew neck t shirt
€7,94 –

Topshop super skinny jeans
€71 –

Adidas Originals lace up shoes
€69 –

Chicnova Fashion canvas purse
€12 –

Marc Jacobs watch
€235 –

Bling Jewelry hinged bracelet
€25 –

MICHAEL Michael Kors tech accessory
€47 –

Retro glasses
€7,13 –

Mac cosmetic
€21 –

HUGO perfume fragrance

Beach outfit

Hi guys! I’m going to Thailand in less than two weeks and I am so excited, oh my god. Anyways, I realized I had never made a beach outfit before so I thought; this’d be the best moment to make one.
I’m using Bobbi Brown make-up because I think that’d be the best make-up brand to use for darker skin. No, it’s not very budget but hey..How often do you go to the beach? And you must look fabulous, right?
It’s literally one of my goals to own such Rayban glasses. I saw one in the department store a few months ago but they were so expensive and I couldn’t afford it at that moment. But I’m still obsessed with it..
The bikini..Apparently the triangle neon bikini is very trendy at the moment. I wouldn’t buy it myself because this is the kind of bikini everyone seems to own these days. I do not wear the bikini bottom just like that so I usually wear a swimming short or skirt on top. For this set, I added a sarong.
Beach outfit

Color block swimsuit
€15 –

Boohoo beach bikini
€13 –

Tkees flip flop shoes
€45 –

Beach tote bag
€57 –

Joolz by Martha Calvo palm jewelry
€135 –

Ray-Ban retro glasses
€150 –

Summer hat
€80 –

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics gel foundation
€44 –

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics lip care
€17 –

Eos lip care
€3,63 –

Beach canvas wall art
€210 –

Beach scene wall art
€170 –

Cotton beach towel
€28 –

Black & White

Black & white

Boohoo halter crop top
€18 –

Black circle skirt
€8,12 –

Converse black hi top
€70 –

Ray-Ban retro round glasses
€150 –

NIKE hair accessory
€14 –

Rimmel lipstick
€7,73 –

Marc Jacobs eau de perfume
€77 –

Curly hair care
€115 –

Sasha Mirov Glamour portrait
€14 –

Beach outfit

Beach outfit


White strapless dress
€49 –

Miu Miu wedge heel shoes
€1.695 –

Tri coastal Design white tote
€11 –

Ray-Ban round metal glasses
€180 –

Tommy Hilfiger sun hat
€33 –

NARS Cosmetics loose face powder
€32 –

Cheek bronzer
€27 –

White beach towel
€31 –

Edie Parker jacquard beach towel
€26 –

Pottery Barn monogrammed beach towel
€26 –

Outdoor garden decor
€13 –