Holiday travel

Hi guys! It has been a while since my last Polyvore post, I’m so sorry but I’ve been really busy with school lately. Besides that, I’m leaving to Suriname for three weeks this Saturday (which is why I made this travel outfit) but no worries, I’ll be uploading as many sets as I can during my holidays.
Aaandd..It’s Christmas in two weeks! And hell yes, I’m excited. I can’t stop listening to those old but gold Christmas songs, they’re basically on replay.
What’s your favorite Christmas song?


Holiday travel


Jumper shirt

Plus size womens legging
€25 –

NIKE laced shoes
€63 –

IKASE Pink Lollipops
€125 –

Sass Belle Set of 3 Pastel Retro Suitcases
€25 –

Mac cosmetics lipstick
€15 –

Mac cosmetic
€30 –



Smashbox beauty product
€20 –

Olivia Burton leather jewelry
€105 –

Chain necklace
€15 –

Gold jewelry
€3,67 –

Ted Baker black purse
€98 –

Olive green top
€38 –

Smashbox foundation
€40 –

Smashbox makeup
€29 –

Urban Decay eye makeup
€22 –

Nars cosmetic
€24 –

Physicians Formula concealer
€23 –

Smashbox eye makeup
€19 –

Smashbox lipstick
€18 –

Denim legging
€22 –

Nike sneaker
€125 –

Golden basics

Just like the outfit before, this is a really simple one. Can you imagine that those little earrings are as expensive as a Macbook? Oh my god. Well, okay, they’re diamonds and stuff but does anyone even notice that? I think you can find the exact same earrings at the H&M for maybe €5 or even less.
I must say I really like the Victoria’s Secret sweater though..Golden basics


Victoria s Secret victoria secret sweater
€45 –

Frame Denim stretchy jeans
€305 –

Nike shoes
€100 –

Diamond earrings
€1.035 –

Topshop bracelet watch
€96 –

Banana Republic gold pendant necklace
€40 –

PE-class outfit

This is a really simple sport-outfit you could wear at the gym but in PE-class as well.
I like how basic it is, no jewellery or bags or anything. I must say, it might be a little expensive for a basic sport-outfit but well, if you want to stay classy and sporty…PE-class outfit

NIKE red crop top
€34 –

NIKE activewear pants
€82 –

Adidas white sports bra
€45 –

Nike footwear
€130 –

Black stud earrings
€260 –

All about the accessories.

All about the accessories.

Topshop striped crop top
660 THB –

Topshop skirt
1,105 THB –

Nike footwear
3,860 THB –

Michael Kors leather shoulder bag
4,705 THB –

Larsson Jennings crown jewelry
11,860 THB –

Lion jewelry
1,235 THB –

Airport outfit

Hi guys! I won’t be online very much these days because my cousin is coming over this weekend + I’m leaving for a month next Wednesday..Which is why I made this airport outfit. I think the River Island suitcase looks really cute but it’s more of a hand luggage because it’s so small. The cardigan also looks very comfortable to me. Let me know what you think! Airport outfit

Juvia black top

Trench coat
€25 –

Topshop jogger sweatpant
€35 –

NIKE black shoes
€99 –

Candie s drawstring backpack
€23 –

Eos lip treatment
€3,64 –

Traveler’s outfit

Traveler's outfit

Shirts top
€12 –

Vintage shorts
€140 –

Nike shoes
€64 –

Canvas backpack
€9,46 –

Bracelet bangle
€54 –