Fall collection #3


I decided to add one or two budget-sets to my Fall collection to show that real fashion doesn’t always have to be expensive. You can grab the most amazing outfit ever at H&M for less than €50.

It’s all up to you whether you want to invest in jewelleries, shoes or clothing. I’d personally invest in shoes once or twice because if you got one pair of great, cool shoes (that might have cost a bit more than you’d usually spend), you’re done. It’s not like you need new shoes every month, right? Jeans / pants are important too. Don’t tell me you’re buying new jeans every week…..

So just buy the basics once and you’re done.


Fall collection #3


Red shirt
€13 – romwe.com

Monki crop top

H&M blue jeans
€27 – hm.com

Vans blue shoes
€40 – swell.com

Mudd ear cuff
€7,16 – kohls.com

Minnie Grace gold charm