Rouge Allure Velvet

Rouge Allure Velvet


Miss Selfridge wrap top
€19 –

River Island moto jacket
€160 –

Skinny jeans
€245 –

Adidas Originals sneaker
€66 –

Burberry bag
€415 –

Kate Spade tech accessory
€37 –

Accessorize fancy hair clip
€7,33 –

Chanel lips makeup
€33 –


In this post I’ll show you how to combine one, simple dress with three different coats, bags and matching shoes. You can go for a classy style, with the fur coat and Michael Kors clutch. Or if you want to wear a ‘tough’ outfit, go for a black, leather jacket. These jackets are easy to match with anything. They’re a great option for every occasion. Would you rather keep it simple and warm? You might wanna go for a poncho. This one by Burberry is made of wool and cashmere and still looks stylish and classy. I chose the flats because it’s supposed to be a ‘simple’ outfit but nothing’s wrong with wearing your fave killerheels.NYE


Glamorous short dress
€44 –

Burberry outerwear
€1.390 –

IRO black leather jacket
€1.170 –

RED Valentino faux fur jacket
€555 –

Christian Louboutin black shoes
€695 –

Michael Antonio platform shoes
€31 –

Forever 21 shoes
€19 –

Lanvin clutch
€3.035 –

Yves Saint Laurent black handbag
€1.755 –

Kate Spade black handbag
€370 –

MICHAEL Michael Kors black handbag
€210 –

M.A.C Odyssey

M.A.C Odyssey

MaxMara black embellished top
€285 –

Miss Selfridge torn skinny jeans
€74 –

Prada saffiano leather handbag
€1.535 –

Tiffany Co round diamond necklace
€1.740 –

Sterling silver star jewelry
€17 –

Kate Spade tech accessory
€46 –

Mac cosmetics lipstick
€20 –

Fall collection #9

Can you relate to the days when you really don’t feel like doing anything? It’s Saturday afternoon but your mom asks you to get something from the grocery store. Uhm, of course you’re not gonna change into something cute and do your make-up and stuff for a 15-minute walk and back. Just wear your casual home clothes and a jacket. You could also go for sunglasses, in case you bump into an old friend…

Fall collection #9


Victoria s Secret red sweater
€44 –

Camo jacket
€20 –

Topshop sweat pants
€34 –

Vans black shoes
€57 –

Yves Saint Laurent black purse

Kate Spade tech accessory
€31 –

Illesteva round sunglasses
€305 –

Fall collection #1

There are still a few weeks left ’til fall but nothing’s wrong with getting into the mood already, right? I thought this burgundy-colored skaterdress would match perfectly with these simple golden detailed jewellery.
Also, I must say I’m pretty much in love with Kate Spade’s cute, little jewelleries. Fall collection #1


River Island skater dress
€63 –

Sexy sandals
€18 –

Yves Saint Laurent purse
€2.115 –

Kate Spade pendants necklace
€73 –

Kate Spade 14k earrings
€29 –

Aéropostale cuff bracelet
€5,40 –

Night out (Paris-based)

The lay-out of this fashion set reminds me of France for some reason, I think it’s the vintage theme.
Anyways, the most expensive thing in this fashion set is the Luis Vuitton handbag. Of course there are many more, cheaper alternatives but I thought the golden logo matched really good with the accesories.
I do think the MANGO coat is quite expensive though.
It took me quite some time to find something that would really match with the floral skaterskirt because you can’t wear anything you want with the skirt. The black crop top is  more of a basic thing. You could also match the skirt with a plain shirt or whatever and a big, eye catching necklace.
I use these Kate Spade earrings quite often in my fashion sets but that’s because I think they look really cute and match really well. They’re so basic but so classy.Night out (Paris-based)

€9,95 –

MANGO beige poncho
€86 –

Black skater skirt
€19 –

Semilla stilettos shoes

Black handbag
€2.040 –

Humble Chic teardrop necklace
€35 –

Kate Spade heart jewelry
€23 –

Vogue’s beige

Vogue's beige


Glamorous striped crop top
€14 –

H M circle skirt
€18 –

Chinese laundry booties
€93 –

Chanel pink handbag
€5.445 –

Marc by Marc Jacobs leather strap watch
€175 –

Kate spade necklace
€87 –

Givenchy stud earring set
€34 –

Retro sunglasses
€7,92 –

Bobbi brown cosmetic
€31 –

Perfume fragrance

Witchery peach nail polish
€10 –