Review: Argan Oil Night Repair Serum

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We’ve all heard of argan oil before, often referred to as ‘liquid gold‘ that will beautify your skin in no time. Nowadays, it’s used in a lot of skincare and hair products, and we immediately assume it must be a great product then. But what do you really know about argan oil? Before I move on to the review, let me quickly tell you something about argan oil and its purposes.

Argan oil is produced from the argan tree, which only grows in Morocco. The oil naturally contains vitamin E, linoleic and alpha-linolenic (two essential fatty acids), which is great for healing (skin) infections, wounds, bug bites and scars. Because of its curative ingredients, argan oil was traditionally used for all kinds of purposes, from a medicine to treat skin and joint pain issues, to a dip for bread or flavor enhancer for Moroccan dishes.

Argan oil is commonly used as a skin moisturizer, body oil, hair oil, shampoo and conditioner. Some people even claim that argan oil can also cure acne, but this isn’t dermatologically proven yet. (Source)

Now you know the basics of argan oil, let’s move on to the review!

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I found this serum at a bargain shop in Spain for a bargain price of €1,50 and the main reason I bought it was because I was looking for an Estée Lauder Advanced Night Serum dupe. The package looks practically the same and I figured it’s worth trying out for this price.


Just like the Estée Lauder serum, the Argan Oil Night Repair serum comes in a small, glass bottle. The bottle is a little heavy and comes with a pipette which makes the serum looks like a high-end product. The serum is available in two sizes: 30 ml and 50ml. I own the 30ml one.

Amazon sells this exact same serum for €19,99 but apparently, the serum is available for a lot cheaper in bargain shops.

What does the serum do?

  • Intensive hydrating treatment for the skin
  • Non-Greasy and Quick-Absorbing
  • Repairs and rejuvenates leaving skin smooth and healthy
  • Ideal for after shower or bath use

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First thoughts

I applied this serum every night, for a month (cleanser > toner > serum > moisturizer). At first, I wasn’t convinced this serum would be any good because of its strong fragrance. I felt like the serum was 80% fragrance and 20% argan oil. The white substance was very liquid, so just a little bit goes a long way. Applying this serum felt like putting a lot of chemicals on my face. However, I still decided to keep applying this serum for a month.


Surprisingly, the serum did improve my skin a little. My skin felt really smooth the next morning and my makeup appeared better too. As promised, the serum is non-greasy and absorbs quickly, but it did not significantly repair my skin. Maybe I should’ve used the serum for a little longer but I really dislike the strong fragrance, so I think I’ll pass.




The Argan Oil Night Repair Serum is most suitable for people with a dry skin. Don’t expect this serum to extremely change your skin condition, keep in mind that it’s available from €1,50. I don’t think this serum will have the same effect as the Estée Lauder Night Serum. Besides its package, I don’t think it should be seen as a dupe. If you’re looking for a (cheap) serum to hydrate and smoothen your skin, this might be exactly what you need!

Tip: If you’re looking for a natural / non-chemical way to get rid of scars, acne or bruises, you might want to try out aloe vera (gel)! There’s a post about the purposes of aloe vera coming up! 



Review: Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation


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Hi guys!

Today I’ll be reviewing the Estée Lauder Double Wear (Stay-In-Place) foundation. I bought this foundation a year ago during my holidays in the USA, I can’t exactly recall in which city I bought the foundation but I do remember buying it at Sephora. The original Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation comes in a heavy, frosted glass bottle without a pump or anything, so I used the pump of an old Smashbox foundation and placed it on my new foundation. However, Estée Lauder does sell its own pumps for €4. 

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Now I would usually not impulse-buy a €44 high-end foundation which I don’t even need, but ya know, I did it anyways and I’m happy I did. I’ve been in love with this foundation ever since I’ve worn it for the first time. I  have some dark spots on my face which I usually cover up with concealer but with the Double Wear foundation, I don’t even need to cover up my spots. This foundation has a great full coverage and another plus: it really does stay on all day (or longer).

The Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation is available in 38 (!) shades, so make sure you get the shade that really matches your skin.The shade I own is 4W1 (Honey Bronze).  The foundation is suitable for any skin type and any kind of weather.



I think paying €44 for a foundation like this, is a great investment. I bought this foundation a year ago and there’s still more than half left. Obviously, I don’t wear this foundation to school every single day but you don’t even need a lot of it when you’re applying it to your face. I would definitely recommend this foundation!

Shade: 4W1 Honey Bronze
Finish: Matte
Coverage: Full
Price: US $42 / EU €44
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Hi guys! 

As you guys might have noticed, my previous post was all about Smashbox. What exactly is Smashbox and why do I seem so obsessed with it? 

I have been using Sephora’s foundations and Dior’s BB-creams for a long time but since I can’t find any of these similar products in the Netherlands anymore, I figured it’s time to switch to another brand and try. out something new. I had in mind to buy M.A.C Cosmetics because a lot of celebs use these and it looks absolutely gorgeouson them. So last Friday I went to this shop where, I thought, they sell M.A.C products. My bad, they didn’t. I was kinda disappointed because I really needed a new foundation so the saleslady told me they did sell a similar brand called ‘Smashbox’.

Of course I had heard of this brand before but I didn’t know that these products were just as good; which should be quite neccessary because Smashbox foundations are even more expensive than M.A.C’s. The woman tried some products out on me (foundation, concealer and a setting powder) and the result was absolutely wonderful. I couldn’t even believe that there was an actual foundation out there that really matched my skintone. 

The foundation cost 37,- and the concealer cost 23,-. I didn’t really ask about the setting powder because I haven’t finished my own yet (MUA). I was gonna buy the foundation for sure but mom told me to buy the concealer as well because it looked really good. So it would be 60,- in total but I had a gift card for 20,- which my friends gave me for my birthday so I also spent that. 

More about Smashbox

What’s this hype about Smashbox? Well, it’s similar to M.A.C cosmetics, made by the Factor-brothers (Max Factor) and currently a part of  Estée Lauder cosmetics. Smashbox had some starting problems because their former PR was drugged and raped by someone who happened to be a friend of the Factors. The brand struggled a lot to make its comeback and finally got famous for its primers. 

Smashbox cosmetics are especially made for photoshoots because they last longer and are oil-free and give a flawless skin-effect.