Hydralife BB Cream – Dior

What product am I going to review?

I am going to review the Hydralife BB Cream by Dior. I think this was my first BB cream. I’m not using this as much as I used to anymore because I feel like the shade isn’t matching my skin. But that’s the only thing because I do like the way it feels and the coverage. My shade is called ‘Sunny Amber’ and it has SPF 30 which might be exactly what you’re looking for!


Dior’s Hydralife Beauty Balm is more specialized in protecting the skin and hydrating. If you’re looking for a BB cream or
foundation that’s really gonna cover up your spots and acne, I wouldn’t recommend this one. This BB cream is for all skintypes and available in many shades, make sure you’ve got the right one. Mine looks a little ‘too orange’ on my face, since I already got a darker skintone.

Package + Feeling

Dior’s Hydralife BB cream comes in a grey triangular tube (50 ml) . The shade is indicated in a frame which says ‘BB cream’. The tube is quite small and tall, it also gives away some flamboyance. It does feel a little heavy on my face, like, I can definitely feel that I’m wearing something. But maybe that’s because I know I don’t have the right shade so it makes me feel uncomfortable.

What did it cost me? + Where can you buy it?

I didn’t buy this BB cream myself, I got it as a present. You can buy it online on Sephora, Dior andAmazon. I think the common
price is $56 and €54. It’s quite expensive but let’s be real, it’s Dior. + There’s also a Hydralife eyecream with SPF 20 so if you prefer that, check this out! 


This is a great BB cream and I’d definitely recommend it to people who’ve got a lighter skintone because it has 30 SPF and it moisturizes the face. Of course, if you live in a sunny area, I’d recommend this to all of you. But I do think there are cheaper alternatives with the same results. So if you find this too expensive (which I totally understand), there’s so many more!

Comment below if you’ve got any questions (like, what alternatives you can buy), or if you’d like me to review a product!


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