How old are you?

I’m 17 years old.

Why is your blog called The Confessions Of A Desi Girl when you’re not even born in India?

Well, here it comes: India was a Brittish colony and guess what, Suriname was originally settled by the British. And then the Dutch people traded their colony of New Amsterdam (Known as New York these days) to England. In return, the Netherlands received Suriname. Suriname had a lot of farms and needed laborers. Yes, we had slaves from Africa but in some other colonies the African slaves started to refuse working. Because the slaves were ‘free’, The Dutch people worried about the fact that their slaves in Suriname could refuse to work too, which indeed happened. So then the Netherlands needed new laborers and they transported laborers from India to Suriname. My parents are born in Suriname and my ancestors are from India. We are hindu and I think all that makes me a desi.

Today 121,606 people in Suriname are Hindustani- descendants of those laborers imported from India


Why did you start blogging?

I’ve always loved blogging and writing. I’ve also had many blogs before but never managed to keep ’em up for longer than two weeks. This year it’ll be my blog’s 4th anniversary. Of course it’s hard to keep up sometimes but even if it’s after a while, I kept blogging.

What exactly is your blog about?

The main topics I write about are fashion, beauty and a little bit of lifestyle. From time to time I also post personal updates like parties, holidays, events etc. When I post about fashion I use Polyvore to create unique and inspirational collections, usually with a theme.