Simply Grey

Untitled #102

Bamboo black booties
€22 –

Aspinal of London leather handbag
€535 –

Old Navy infinity scarf
€14 –

Burberry colors

Burberry colors


Red top
€26 –

Ström black jeans
€145 –

Zipper boots
€34 –

Burberry purse
€2.020 –

Barbour leather strap watch
€265 –

Alessandra Rich pandora jewelry
€160 –

Ted Baker post earrings
€26 –

Fall collection #9

Can you relate to the days when you really don’t feel like doing anything? It’s Saturday afternoon but your mom asks you to get something from the grocery store. Uhm, of course you’re not gonna change into something cute and do your make-up and stuff for a 15-minute walk and back. Just wear your casual home clothes and a jacket. You could also go for sunglasses, in case you bump into an old friend…

Fall collection #9


Victoria s Secret red sweater
€44 –

Camo jacket
€20 –

Topshop sweat pants
€34 –

Vans black shoes
€57 –

Yves Saint Laurent black purse

Kate Spade tech accessory
€31 –

Illesteva round sunglasses
€305 –

Fall collection #8

Nude make-up collection, fall 2015. Fall collection #8


Fall collection #6

While making all these Fall collection outfits, I fell in love with this beautiful, burgundy color. Honestly, I’m not really into Dr. Martens (I’m so sorry !!) but I thought these ones matched really great.  Apparently the Tory Burch watch is for men but uhm, it looks great on women too??Fall collection #6


Fall collection #5

Who said ripped jeans and Prada bags don’t go well? This outfit is all about the little, golden details. You’ve got the gold-colored Prada emblem, the edge of the Larsson & Jennings watch and the jewelleries. What do you think? 

Fall collection #5


3 4 sleeve blouse
€12 –

Topshop black ripped skinny jeans
€62 –

Rounded toe boots
€34 –

Prada zipper purse
€1.050 –

Larsson Jennings buckle watch
€295 –

Madewell stackable bangle
€25 –

Leslie danzis jewelry
€13 –

Athleta circle scarve
€46 –

Inspired by:

Fall collection #3


I decided to add one or two budget-sets to my Fall collection to show that real fashion doesn’t always have to be expensive. You can grab the most amazing outfit ever at H&M for less than €50.

It’s all up to you whether you want to invest in jewelleries, shoes or clothing. I’d personally invest in shoes once or twice because if you got one pair of great, cool shoes (that might have cost a bit more than you’d usually spend), you’re done. It’s not like you need new shoes every month, right? Jeans / pants are important too. Don’t tell me you’re buying new jeans every week…..

So just buy the basics once and you’re done.


Fall collection #3


Red shirt
€13 –

Monki crop top

H&M blue jeans
€27 –

Vans blue shoes
€40 –

Mudd ear cuff
€7,16 –

Minnie Grace gold charm