Brightening & Hydrating Foundation – Sephora

What product am I going to review?

Today I will be going to review the Brightening & Hydrating Foundation by Sephora. This was my  first foundation ever and I’ve used it throughout my teen years!


The foundation has a great medium coverage, but always make sure you’re applying the right foundation shade on your skin. You could layer any foundation as much as you’d like, but you’ll probably not get your desired result or coverage when the shade you’re using is not a great match for your skin.

The Brightening & Hydrating Foundation gives your skin a subtle glow and smoothes down any redness or dark spots. It also stays on for 24 hours, without smudging or getting oily (it’s oil-free!).

Package + feeling

The Brightening & Hydrating Foundation by Sephora comes in a small circular bottle. It might seem like the capacity isn’t that big (20 ml), but I can go months with this foundation, only using a little amount each time. The foundation in general doesn’t feel heavy on my skin and doesn’t get oily, but just in case (and because my skin is incredibly oily, with or without makeup), I always apply some translucent powder on top. Good to know: it won’t look cakey at all. The foundation is available in 9 shades. My shade is Nr.30 Moyen Sable.


I actually got this foundation as a gift the first time, and the second time my cousin gave it to me because she didn’t use it anymore. I bought my third (and last bottle) myself at a Sephora in Spain for €15, which I think is a fairly reasonable price for a foundation that really does what it says.


This is a great foundation that helped me with minor skin problems such as redness and dark spots. It offers a medium coverage (full coverage can be obtained by layering), gives a lightweight feeling, doesn’t look cakey at all and doesn’t make my skin oily (at least, not oilier than it already is…). I’d definitely recommend this foundation for all skin types!

Comment below for any questions or if you’d like me to review a product!

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