About me

Let me introduce myself:

My name is Manisha. I’m 19 years old and currently studying International Business in the Netherlands. Obviously, I’m not 100% Dutch: my parents were born in Suriname and we’re originally from India. Never heard of Suriname before?

I decided to do a little Q&A-ish post about myself, so you can get to know me a little better. Didn’t find the answer on something you wanted to know? Feel free to comment!


#1 Why am I blogging?

The reason I started this blog in 2013, is my passion for writing and traveling. I intended to start a travel-blog, but somehow, fashion came along. Initially this blog was called Chocolatebeats (I was 14!) , a year later I turned it into The Darkling Sky. At the time I was still trying to find my goal and identity. That’s how I ended up calling my blog The Confessions Of A Desi Girl.

#2 What will my future look like?

In 2016, I graduated from high school and started studying International Business in college. I finally knew what my future was gonna look like. I wanted to travel, learn more languages and use my creativity in marketing. I set goals for myself and made a plan on how to achieve them.

I’m currently doing an internship in New York until January. I’m working as a marketing intern at Only Hearts (lingerie-brand). If it all works out, I’ll be studying in Spain for 6 months next year. I’ll be traveling a lot and I’ll meet a lot of new people, I hope I’ll also get the chance to expand my blog and become a little more professional.

#3 What am I passionate about?

I am a passionate traveler, if I had opportunity I would be traveling the world right now. Discovering new countries, new traditions and new cultures is something I love to do and share with other people. I think traveling brightens one’s view on the world and gives a different perspective, which is what some people really need. Just seeing a little part of the world that you’ve never seen before, can make a huge difference in one’s life.

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself.” – David Mitchell

Besides traveling, there’s an entire list of things I love. Let’s see…

Fresh sushi, bubble face masks, spending money on new make-up, bittersweet fragrances, my bed, reading Sophie Kinsella’s books, taking warm baths (including bath bombs, because what’s a bath without a bath bomb), colorful weekly planners, tinted lip balms, Elizabeth Arden’s products, unplanned trips to the ice cream parlor, visiting my family and friends in Suriname, finishing up a new blog post, scrolling Pinterest for hours…To be continued.

Schermafbeelding 2018-01-12 om 19.11.29.png

#4 Favorite social media apps (and why) 

That would be Snapchat, because I can stay up-to-date with all my friends. I know where they are and what they are doing (besides all the dog-filter selfies and music snaps and streak snaps, obviously) and this way I can keep in touch with them without actually meeting up, which is important for me because I’ve been traveling a lot lately. Especially now I’m so far away from my closest friends, I really need my social-media apps.

Besides Snapchat, I love Instagram. Instagram is the place to be when you want to show yourself off. And to be honest, nothing’s wrong with that. It’s totally OK to show off your good selfies, amazing memories with friends and family, the aesthetic-looking food you ate etc.  It’s less personal than Snapchat, yes, but this way I can still see what my friends (even the friends I haven’t seen in years) are up to.

I’m always open for collabs, reviews and questions, just contact me here!