Night out (Paris-based)

The lay-out of this fashion set reminds me of France for some reason, I think it’s the vintage theme.
Anyways, the most expensive thing in this fashion set is the Luis Vuitton handbag. Of course there are many more, cheaper alternatives but I thought the golden logo matched really good with the accesories.
I do think the MANGO coat is quite expensive though.
It took me quite some time to find something that would really match with the floral skaterskirt because you can’t wear anything you want with the skirt. The black crop top is  more of a basic thing. You could also match the skirt with a plain shirt or whatever and a big, eye catching necklace.
I use these Kate Spade earrings quite often in my fashion sets but that’s because I think they look really cute and match really well. They’re so basic but so classy.Night out (Paris-based)

€9,95 –

MANGO beige poncho
€86 –

Black skater skirt
€19 –

Semilla stilettos shoes

Black handbag
€2.040 –

Humble Chic teardrop necklace
€35 –

Kate Spade heart jewelry
€23 –

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